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Strange and odd pics from 911.

Some of the objects i call "silver balls", some call these orb's. I have identified as helicopters near the towers
I have put those on my "chopper" page. ( link at bottom)
There are several that i think can NOT have been choppers.
Here are a few....

Silver "balls" below...

wtc1 911 orb wtc 911
Wht is this ????
wtc2 911 wtc 911

This debris was seen floating, this is not a picture, it is a frame from a video from the page

wtc bird 9/11 wtc bird1

Photo below, what is this above the wing?

wtc 911 tower picture wtc 911 plane hits

photo above- What is in the black circle above, just after the plane hits?
What is below, there was a chopper near the tower, but this is not it, the chopper was above the field of view here.

wtc tower 9/11wtc tower 9/11

Other pics...
wtc odd 9/11wtc dish clock
Large radio dish pointed right at towers? american flags on them already ???
(This was said to be a clock)

wtc tower3 9/11 wtc tower4 9/11

wtc tower2 9/11
from the firemans video, but guess what ? No plane boss???

Glow pictures !
Does this look like a nuclear glow?

wtc nuclear glow

ufo tower 9/11wtc orb 9/11
Also see

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I am not a big believer in UFO's, so i did a page on the UFO supposedly seen at the twin towers before 9/11
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